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Atlantic Station Engagement Portraits

05/13/2011 | Engagements

We are excited to share several engagement photos we took in May, which is the most popular spring month for weddings or engagement portrait sessions. A lovely Indian couple Neelam and Arun met with us in The Atlantic Station in Atlanta.

The walls near the Millennium Arch provided beautiful neutral backgrounds with smooth beige textures that worked well with Neelam’s dress. Although our couple came rather formally dressed (we really liked Neelam’s high heels) they did not hesitate to try various poses including sitting on a wall in order to achieve casual look of the photographs.

We took a walk around the lake, across the bridge and came back for some night shots with the street lights. The couple’s sweetness during the session was really inspirational and helped us to take many portraits with a focus on the loving relationship.

Atlantic Station Portrait
Atlantic Station Engagement
Atlantic Station
Engaged Couple on Stairs
Atlantic Station Atlanta
Atlantic Station Photo
Portrait with Columns
Engaged in Atlanta
Arun and Neelam
Engagement Picture
Neelam and Arun
Like Two Agents
Night Atlanta Portrait

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