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Neverland Farms Wedding Experience

10/28/2010 | Weddings

Breanne and Daniel had their wedding at Neverland Farms, one of our favorite wedding venues. They were our third Neverland Farms wedding this year, and we’ve been enjoying our visits so much that we wanted to share with our readers a little about the Neverland Farms wedding experience.

The approach to the venue consists of about a mile-long dirt road through the woods before it opens like a hidden gem to reveal horse-filled pastures and breath-taking scenery:
Road to Neverland Farms
Neverland Farms pastures

One of two lakes on the property, this shot is just one example of the tranquil surroundings to be found at Neverland Farms:
Romantic lake

Pictured here is the set up for the ceremony. The building on the right is Nora’s Hall, where the groom prepares for the nuptials and the guests gather for refreshments while they await the main event:
Outdoor ceremony place

Dan’s Hall is where the receptions are held. It is an open air venue so it provides a shaded outdoor feel. It can also be heated by several fire pits on colder evenings if necessary:
Dan's Hall Neverland Farms
Fruit preserves

There is a very special cabin on the property where the brides and bridesmaids may change for the ceremony. It is a lovely space, and we have captured so many nice bridal portraits at this location:
Neverland Farms cabin
Hollywood style bride
Breanne Carter
Bridesmaids outside
Old man with bow tie
Daniel Cole
Daniel Cole 2
Serving hot cider

A big part of the Neverland Farms experience is the option for the bride to enter and exit the ceremony via a romantic horse-drawn carriage:
Bride's arrival
Groom's anticipation
Wedding processionals
Neverland Farms wedding
Wedding promise
Parents at wedding
Wedding recessionals
Wedding carriage ride

Wedding at Neverland Farms
The bride and groom are not the only ones with the option to take a carriage ride. The carriage is also available to guests during the cocktail hour.

Neverland Farms has one of the best backdrops for family portraits just a very short walk from the location of the ceremony. We always find good light in this spot, and the pictures never cease to impress:
Parents of bride and groom
Bridal party at a farm
Bride groom on a farm
Bride groom near farm fence
Bride and groom close

Which composition of the next two frames do you like better?
Bride groom two trees
Bride and groom kiss
Neverland Farms fun
Neverland Farms
Wedding couple announced
First dance in a barn
Bride and groom at night
Best wedding cake

We wanted to mention one thing that is truly unique to this venue—we have never seen it anywhere else—and that is a mobile cake. The wedding cake is prepared and placed on display at the reception until it is time for the cake cutting, at which point it is rolled to a stage area so the bride and groom can be front and center for their special moment:
Mobile wedding cake
Wedding cake cutting
Wedding champagne
Dollar dance
Wedding dancing

Here we have captured a moment between our bride, Breanne, and Suzy Tebor, the heart and soul of Neverland Farms. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Suzy is a major part of making the experience here so special for our couples:
Suzy Tebor

Just a taste of some of the romance Neverland Farms has to offer:
Romance at Neverland Farms
Wedding farewell with sparklers

  1. Jeremy Gragg -

    I know this post is over a year old, but wanted to say I really enjoyed these pictures. I am supposed to shoot a wedding there in October. I am really excited about the venue now that I have seen these awesome images. Good job! Nice work.

    07/03/2012 12:30 PM

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