Sarah Slavik Photography

Engagement Portraits at Piedmont Park, Atlanta

03/13/2009 | Engagements

Amanda and Kevin

Amanda and Kevin, both living near San Jose, Calif., hired us over the Internet. Our first attempt to capture their engagement portraits during their visit to Georgia in December didn’t come together because of terrible weather. On the rescheduled day, when the forecast once called for rain, we quickly pushed up the start of the session. The lighting conditions weren’t ideal – very bright difused light – but, together with the couple, we created some good portraits.

We played little bit with the geese and ducks that inhabit the lake and tried to get a shot with them on the platform that overlooks the whole lake. Judging from what we’ve seen from other Atlanta photographers, this platform is one of the most popular spots in the park for portraits. Next time, we’ll be sure to bring some bread to attract a few more geese and ducks into the right spots in the background. 🙂

We’ve found that weekdays are best for portraits in the park. During weekends, the foot traffic in the park is heavy and the parking is difficult. But if you’re patient, it all pays off…

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