Sarah Slavik Photography

Engagement Portrait Session at Piedmont Park

04/23/2009 | Engagements

April and Aaron

This very nice couple from the Boston area learned of our studio too late to hire us for their April 25 wedding at Piedmont Park (on the dock) – we were already booked. Nonetheless, they asked us to take their engagement pictures at the same place as their upcoming wedding.

We split the session into two shoots – Thursday evening and Friday morning – thanks to one wild storm that raced through the area. On the other hand, April and Aaron got some variety in their photos because of their different outfits and lighting conditions.

Engagement photo close-up

Piggy-back riding

Couple and a big tree

Engagement portrait with ivy

Engagement potrait on the wall

By the wall in the grass

Couple escaping rain

/Shadow of engaged couple

Carrying his girlfriend

Couple in tree aley

Kiss on the swing

Engaged couple sitting on stairs

On the date

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